Vintage Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace

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 The lotus shaped pendant symbolizes self love and what can be better to enhance and show your strong personality by stating you are important above all and no matter what you love yourself first.

This charming lotus flower pendant is the perfect gift to give to your loved one and that special someone. The person would always think of you as soon as the pendant shines.

This piece symbolizes the everlasting love, how beautifully it holds on to you and how gracefully it molds around you. Just like this intimate piece that compliments your every outfit and at any occasion.

 Lotus is considered to be one of the most sacred flowers and having it could bring good fortune to you.

The beauty of the girl shines because of her strong personality and how she carries herself, right?

Isn’t it then one should always where something which highlights her personality in a more exquisite way. Therefore here we are to provide you with this amazing vintage lotus flower pendant necklace which would make you shine more beautifully.

It is an absolute charm which would make you remind of the light within yourself, which cannot be dimmed ever.

The ohm symbol made in the middle will provide healing, health and positivity which would benefit you so much in your life.

The beautiful pendant looks like it is made years ago and has a vintage look in it which will definitely steel your heart and you would not be able to stop yourself from buying it.

This beautiful necklace will make you fall in love with the person who has gifted it to you.  Jewelry makes another mesmerizing debut in the ornate jewels necklace.

It can be worn with all your outfits casual or not. It blends with the dress in such a manner that it feels like the dress and the beautiful heart shaped alphabet pendant compliments each other in the best possible way.

 Add the prettiest touch of finishing touches to you style with shaadi magic.

Now you can wear this dazzling beauty with this romantic heart shaped pendant necklace, one of the fine jewelry available only from us.         

  • The graceful look provides you with the captivation when the further you go.
  • It promises to steal the show and make people forget about other things except your pendant.
  • It is no less than a design inspiration for others.
  • It is made for JUST THE MOMENT, where you would, be it any occasion or not, think this is it! And consider it to be made for the very perfect moment every time.


Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

Material: Leather

Pendant Size: 4.2*3.6cm


Vintage Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace