Unisex Gold Antlers Head Brooch

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Unisex gold antlers head brooch:

Wear the uniqueness of the wild and stand out from the crowd!

       The gold antlers head brooch is not only for men but this unique unisex design can be used by women and is a fashion statement for both, that makes it a great jewelry to decorate it with and match with cloths like t-shirts, coat, sweaters, etc.

The casual looking dresses which no one would notice would catch all the eyes when this brooch is worn up by you and that unnoticeable dress becomes noticeable.

You accessories say a lot about you and you definitely won’t want it to say something which isn’t true therefore, this gold antlers brooch;

    • It makes you feel elegant along with showcasing a different kind of charm within yourself.
    • The confidence in wearing that attire increases and you don’t doubt it all.
    • The highlight point is, it is beautiful and attractive which definitely one cannot miss out on.
    • It completely helps you out transform your personality and make you feel confident than ever before.
    • It definitely does without a doubt compliments your entire wardrobe collection and even makes you get compliments. 
    • It never gets out of fashion and is always trendy.

It definitely makes a perfect gift for our lover, family, friends and coworkers for any occasion or no occasion at all. You by no chance can miss out on it. 

Want to be the talk of the town and be remembered for your fashion sense, you must know that the uniqueness of the design will make you stand out from the crowd and no one will be able to take their eyes of you. People will always stare right? So why not make it worth their while.

Style is very personal and it makes it a task forever you to choose wisely.

The total dazzling look for grooms which will make it a more special occasion than it already is. The love will shine like the gold col.lor of the jewelry.


  • Transforms your personality,
  • Complements your entire wedding ethnic and trendy outfit
  • Totally dazzling look which one cannot miss.
  • Makes a perfect gift.
  • Used with coats, scarf’s, hats, jackets, etc.
  • Eye catchy and definitely a show stopper.


Gender: unisex

Category: brooches

Quantity: 1 piece

Occasion: all occasions

Shape/ pattern: animal

Color: gold

Material: alloy




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Unisex Gold Antlers Head Brooch