Unique Universe Glass Glow Pendant Necklace

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Unique Universe Glass Glow in the Dark Pendant Necklace Glass Luminous Galaxy Moon Necklace Jewelry  

Get a hold of the universe with all the beautiful and amazing Double Sided Glass Pendant Jewelry! And make everyone jealous of you magical necklace!

             Have you ever wondered or wished to see moons from up there from very close? But it’s not possible right; even if you can see them with your bare eyes all you can see it as a tiny circle.

         We provide you with that solution by providing double side glass ball universe moon necklace which would be a small identification of the moon revolving around our Earth. You will have the moon you love revolving around your neck. This beautiful necklace is made up of glass material which lets the moon highlight its color and shine wonderfully.

             Do you know that moon even have astrology meaning hidden behind it and a few worship it as well? And you can also choose the one which describes your personality the best according to your choice.

             This moon will help people know your strong personality. People who love solar system and moon to be specific what can be anything more perfect than this. The different types of designs moon is all available here with no hassle to search for it in different places.

              The small details handcrafted flawlessly are used to create the exact look of the universe which definitely will steal the show and people won’t stop complimenting and you would not be able to take your eyes of it.

             People gifting it to their loved ones can also signify it as what they mean to them, like giving a pendant like this to them.                      

 This way you can make your girl fall in love with you every time she sees the pendant and she would feel your presence in it.

             So why wait for you to express your feelings. And what can be better that expressing it with a token of love. All you have to do is get to know which one you want and order it as soon as possible because there is no time to tell your girl what she means to you and it’s never too late to express your feelings to her. No matter what occasion or what time it is if you give her this pendant she would definitely love it and would not stop smiling. These small things can actually matter a lot to her so go hurry and make her feel special.

  • Ideal for your casual wear.
  • Eye catchy.
  • Handcrafted
  • Fine detailed.


Unique Universe Glass Glow Pendant Necklace