Titled Rings for Couples

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      Has it not become a trend for couple to have matching items or having his/her written on their twinning items.

      When these rings are put on, on your fingers by your partner it kind of forms a promise for each other that could never be broken and whenever you will see it, it would remind you of having the best partner anyone could have.

     This is a titled ring Couple Set for your Boy Friend, Girl Friend or Married Couple (Husband and Wife). Are you looking for a style statement ring in a wedding band form which would make an obvious statement and let people know that no one can now lay their eyes on any of the couple? Surprise your loved ones by having them wear this and accept them in front of the whole world.

     Who are in control of you be it women or Men, your husband or Wife? The want who are in control and powerful should wear the king crown ring. The person who leads the family and makes it one complete and provide food for family should wear the ring. It's just another fun ring for Valentine’s Day or any birthday occasion you could give it to your partners so that whenever tries to go near them they will know that they are already taken by the best.

     The two rings are available in a single color that is matte black for men and gold for women. The cut is done in a perfect way so that you can make your occasion a special one and a memorable one which would always be remembered by the other one.

       The ring in the finger will always make the other one feel the presence of the other and that they are always with them. The presence would make them feel confident and your bride would definitely fall for you once again all over again.

What are you waiting for then? Order yours now and it would be delivered to your footsteps in no time and you could surprise your significant other in no time.


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Men’s ring

Color: IP black plating

          Matte finish

Size: 6 mm

Material: stainless steel

Weight: 4.3 g

Women’s ring

Color: IP gold plating

           Matte finish

Size: 6 mm

Material: stainless steel

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Titled Rings for Couples