120 Pc. Thank You Kraft/White Paper Gift Tags Stickers

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120 PCS Thank You Kraft/White Paper Gift Tags Stickers 

Thank you stickers / tag stickers. Thank someone with this ‘Thank you tag stickers’ made by paper board which can be easily applied to any smooth or hard surface. It is a set of 120 pieces which has different shapes in it viz. circle , square , and heart.  The text comes in black colour with a red heart. These tags come in two colours i.e white and kraft. The thank you text written on it comes in different fonts.

Features and benefits:

Material used: Paper board ,which is hard so it won’t be crumbled .

Occasion: Party,Wedding,Wedding & Engagement

Pattern: Letter, Heart

Custom cut to any shape : We make stickers in 3 shapes; circle( about 3.8 cm), heart( 3.2*3.5 cm), square (3.5*3.5cm).

Matte finish : These stickers have an elegant matte finish. 

Strong adhesive: Our stickers are gluey but can be removed without shredding. 

Text : The text on it is printed with different fonts.

Colour choices: White and Kraft.

Easy peeling

Weight: It is light weight i.e. 30-44.6g 

This will help people to convey their message through a single sticker which would otherwise crest a work kiosk by thanking each and every person during every occasion. This single sticker will be a substitute for verbal thank you as well as  hand-written ones. It has easy availability world wide and the home delivery of the same will save the time and cost of physically visiting the market. 

Thanking some one has always being a basic etiquette when it comes to any occasion or a family function so here’s a set of 120 pieces ThankYou Kraft/White paper gift tags stickers at a reasonable cost which will help you convey your message and emotions in a single sticker.   




120 Pc. Thank You Kraft/White Paper Gift Tags Stickers