Tassut Cat Dog Paw Claw Bracelet

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Tassut Cat Dog Paw Claw Bracelet Lovely Animal Bracelets for Women



Having pet animals are like having a partner and people do treat them like their own child and are animal freaks who like to get something which symbolizes their animal. So is that piece of jewelry by shaadimagic.com just for you guys.

This piece symbolizes the everlasting love, how beautifully it holds on to you and how gracefully it molds around you. Just like this intimate piece that compliments your every outfit and at any occasions and will blend with all your outfits be it simple white tee or any party wear.

The beautiful and stunning bracelet will have you standing out and shinning bright. The amazing bracelet would look normal in the day light but would brighten up as soon as it becomes dark. Choose from heart and fall in love with this bracelet.

The beauty of the girl shines because of her strong personality and how she carries herself, right?

Isn’t it then one should always where something which highlights her personality in a more exquisite way. Therefore here we are to provide you with this amazing pet dog cat bracelet which would make you shine more beautifully.

It is an absolute charm which would make you remind of the light within yourself, which cannot be dimmed ever.

 Our Premium pet cat dog Bracelet is an absolute stunner, which glows enchantingly in the dark! The pet bracelet with an amazing paw shaped design at the center of this bracelet's design is a symbol of loyalty and love for us. 

The bracelet entangles the amazing moon in the warmth of its silver.

The pet hand shaped bracelet symbolizes self love and what can be better to enhance and show your strong personality by stating you are important above all and no matter what you love yourself first.

This charming pet hand bracelet is the perfect gift to give to your loved one and that special someone. The person would always think of you as soon as the bracelet shines.

Women out there what are you waiting for, don’t you think it is super cool and beautiful as well.


  • Enhances the beauty of the person
  • Compliments on casual dresses
  • Wearing it at night outs it would enhance your beauty a lot.


Chain length: 13 cm + 4.5 cm

Weight: 1.51 g

Pendant size: 5 x 5.5 mm

NOTE: for more details kindly see the picture attached




Tassut Cat Dog Paw Claw Bracelet