Sterling Silver Heart Zirconia Adjustable Ring

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Heart-shaped styles are the most romantic way to add dazzling sparkle to your style. Because of the sentimental silhouette, they are also the ideal choices when it comes to gifting.

Add a chic heart to your outfit for the day with the Cubic Zirconia Heart Ring in Sterling Silver. 

A shimmering cubic zirconia heart is inlaid in this Sterling Silver Adjustable ring to add flirtatious dazzle to your attire. Crafted with durable and comfortable stainless steel, this ring is ideal as a gift for a loved one. 

Featuring a heart on the top, this lovely ring comes with intricate detailing and a white stone accent. It is easy to clean and care as well. From date nights to parties, this ring is sure to add some lovely style to your look for the evening.

You dont have to worry about Size of the ring. No tension of returning it back because of size issue, it it totally adjustable and fits all. What else are you looking for ;) Buy Now 



Color: white
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Style: Heart Ring
Length: Adjustable
Weight: 1.8g











Sterling Silver Heart Zirconia Adjustable Ring