Silver Heart of love

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Beautiful sterling silver pendent in a heart shape with a little bling. 


              Can you ever imagine that one little beautiful thing can show you deep big love like this to someone who is so important and special in your life, like this amazing heart shaped pendant?

Have you ever tried to project or known about the projection of love like this? No need to be confused, it is now available without any problem on with which you can provide best of love, and make them enter the magical world of love in 100 of languages.

            This is a necklace with hidden messages which comes in 100 different languages when placed under the flashlight of your mobile phone.

This beautiful heart shaped necklace will have you go head over heels for the person who gifts it to you.

This beautiful necklace will have you get a feeling like you have plucked out a piece of every country around the world.

It acts as a perfect finishing touch to your look with the perfect blend it does with all of your outfit types.

The pendant tells the tale of modern romance.

             The roman numbers engraved on the necklace is referred to be “I love you forever”.

This simple, elegant and perfect for everyday wear necklace is without a doubt best in its own kind.

This piece of necklace can be styled with other pendants as well as can be worn all alone for it to enhance its beauty.

It makes a stunning and perfect gift for valentines, proposal, birthdays or anniversary or any other special occasion. This elegant pendant necklace is a unique surprise for any women you wish to say I love you to, on any occasion.


  1. Open the flashlight function on your mobile phone. (any flashlight can be used)
  2. Align the face of the pendant with the flashlight.
  3. You will see “I love you” in 100 languages projected onto your black or white background.


  1. Open your phone camera.
  2. Align the convex surface of the pendant with your mobile phone.
  3. You will see the words “I love you” in 100 languages.


  • Nano engraving technology
  • Dazzling shine
  • Three dimensional geometric modeling
  • High quality zircon embelishment



Pendant size: 1.8 x 1.3 cm

Metal type: alloy (copper)

Crystal type: AAA clear cubic zircon

Color available: rose gold, silver

Material: S925 Sterling Silver

Silver Heart of love