"Midsummer Night's Dream" Pendant Earrings

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This pendant earring is a must have for you women out there which will make you go head over heels for this product. The design is so mesmerizing being simple yet elegant that it can be worn on all occasions where with its help you will completely steal the show and get all eye-catchy. The beautiful pendant earrings blend perfectly with all of your outfits. It can look good on plain casual t-shirts to party wear dresses it can be accessorized with everything and anything. You can also wear it with bridal gowns which would easily blend with the dress and enhance your beauty.

These beautiful earrings can go with all your casual and party dresses and can be worn on all occasions where people would not be able to stop complementing you for your amazing and elegant style.

Don't keep your dreams in cages. The future will light up when you do., Designer Said, The night sky is accompanied by stars.

The night sky is accompanied by stars; the misty forest was illuminated by fireflies. On the Midsummer Night, you will fall into the dreamland of the Blue Planet, begin a journey of unknown adventures, unlock the mysteries of freedom and tenderness, and find the light of your dreams for the future

The main body of the necklace is S925 silver, and the double-chain design increases the sense of layer. There are fireflies of various sizes on the chain, waving their wings to guide them forward. Artificial pearls are plated with starry blue, and the silver outer ring is like a blue planet full of imagination. The hand-inlaid zirconium symbolizes the Polaris that realizes the wish. The special color matching reproduces the bright stars and small fireflies, creating a dream of midsummer nights.

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So what are you waiting for? Go order yours now and definitely don’t forget about catching all your dreams, order as soon as you can and it will be delivered to your doorsteps in no time.


Material: S925 Silver Zircon, Artificial Pearl

Process: Electroplating, Manual inlay

Weight: 1.28 g

Size: 12 cm

Style: Literature and Art Dream









Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marilie Borer

Beautiful and unusual! Sorry there is no limiter, since they fall light, you can not notice and lose! Bought for 809r.

Kayleigh Maggio

Adorable earrings. Satisfied

Avis Parker

Stunning beauty decoration, look better than the picture. Came quickly, as a gift a napkin for cleaning silver in a craft package and a hairpin.

Guillermo Batz

Excellent quality, complete with a branded box and a napkin for wiping jewelry. Thank you! (earring plugs are not included, order in advance, earrings without them easy to lose)

Emerson Kuvalis

Earrings are elegant, thin, on the ears are not felt. Very thin. In the ears are held at the expense of just chewing, take this moment into account! If you actively move very much, the one that is heavier-with a multi-colored element, begins to outweigh, and, in the end, i barely caught it. Perfect for walking, and inactive activities. Asymmetry looks interesting. Very thin and delicate! Take that into account, looks nice but not for you if you want something that is big/immediate accent in your look. Nice pairs with the ring.

"Midsummer Night's Dream" Pendant Earrings