Sedmart Tree of Life Pendant Amethyst Rose Crystal Chakra Gemstone Necklace

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The sedmart tree of life pendant amethyst rose crystal chakra gemstone would definitely double up the beauty of your collection. Crystals are one of the living entities and are the basic for of consciousness.  

The natural crystal stone placed is said to be the healing stone.

The tree of life is considered to be associated with wisdom and knowledge which would let you keep going and focus on things.

           The stylish design is beautifully carved to portray a superior quality brand Jewelry with all that one requires. The Tree of Life is a wonderful package that is also known as Tree of knowledge, and it looks elegant with its enchanting roots and branches that depict the interconnected life of each other on earth.

             It would without a doubt make a thoughtful and flawless gift for someone special. Won’t you like to gift your girl, friend or anyone who means a lot to you, a pendent which would make her feel special and which represents exactly what she means to you. You she would fall in love with you the moment she sees the pendant, and would never think of taking it off.  

        When you wear it, it promotes beauty, health, good luck, and healing which would make you feel more confident than ever before.   

 Not only the tree but the different colors which the pendant is available in also resemble the different personality of you. The colors are considered to resemble;

  • Pink resembles caring, 
  • Green resembles honesty
  • White resembles beauty

    You can give the color of your choice to show her the value you have for her that how you honestly and deeply love her and could care for her no matter what. 

    • The beautifully made pendant can be worn with any casual dress.
    • The handmade pendant is unique in its own way.
    • Enhances the beauty of the person wearing it.
    • Creative and stylish
    • Ideal for occasions like birthday, anniversaries mother’s day and so on.

    Get this beautiful and extraordinary Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace and stand tall after the storm unharmed.

    So why wait now, go order this as soon as possible to make her feel special and loved.


    Size: 53mm x 31mm x 10mm

    Weight: 16g 

    Chain length: 50cm

    Chain type: copper alloy

    Material: natural crystal stone.

    Colors: pink, green, yellow, purple, and white.





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    Sedmart Tree of Life Pendant Amethyst Rose Crystal Chakra Gemstone Necklace