3 Pc. Rose Soap Flower Gift Box

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3 Pc. Rose Scented Soap Flower Gift Box as Favors

The Rose Soap Flower are handcrafted with love for your loved ones. The 3 pc. Rose soap flower gift box serve as beautiful wedding gifts, souvenirs, token or can be used at your home as Home Decor. Packed in beautiful heart-shaped box and decorated with a ribbon bow add that extra esteem in the product.

The Rose Soap has a wonderful creamy texture and amazing smell that will leave people around notice you. The Rose soap flower gift box contains 3 rose shape soaps that has qualified all the tests of being a good quality soap. There are some factors we consider while buying soaps, so here is a list of qualities of the rose soap flower contained in the gift box.

  • Great fragrance

The first impression our soap will give you is its inducing smell. When you open the rose soap flower gift box, you will be seduced by its aromatic great fragrance. It would induce you to rub it on your skin and feel the magical touch.

  • Hardness 

The soap ability to survive in the bathroom depends on its hardness. Generally, the harder the longer it lives. A hard soap is better that does not go away melting itself down in the bathroom due to moisture. So u can just hold tight the rose soap in the running water and you will see what hard and solid quality the rose soap is.

  • Cleansing

Main purpose of using soap is to clean. The rose soap traces the dirt on your skin and controls oil on your skin by deep cleansing  leaving your skin visibly clean and clear giving you a fresh feel to start your day or a fresh feel to end your day and relax.

  • Ability to lather

Its always fun and satisfying to use a soap if its making up lather. A dry soap which is not bubbly or is not capable of making lather is not desirable at all as it fails in cleansing. But, this rose soap is so bubbly with the perfect combination of oils that it forms a good lather and you enjoy using it every time. 

  • Creamy

The rich texture of the rose soap creates a foam or say lather that is very creamy in nature. You would love to cover up yourself in that creamy lather. The rose soap flower ensures the stability and creaminess of the soap lather.

  • Moisturize

Rose soap contains essential oils that helps in moisturizing your skin after you have taken a wash. It keeps your skin soft, glowing and hydrant.



Item        : 3pc. Rose soap flower gift box

Size         : 7*6.5*3.5 cm

Colour available :  Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose.

No. of soaps : 3















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Jarod Lang

3 Pc. Rose Soap Flower Gift Box

Emory Hoeger

Very nice for that price. 3-4 weeks shopping. Recommended.

Opal Collier

Rima. I am satisfied

Rodrigo Walsh

Thank you. It's okay. Shipping month

Annetta Boyer

Everything perfect very well packaged

3 Pc. Rose Soap Flower Gift Box