12 Pc Retro Key Wine Bottle Opener with Tags

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12 Pcs/set Retro Key Wine Bottle Opener with Tags Gifts for Guest Wedding Favors Party 

Retro key wine bottle opener with tags.

Hey!! all wine lovers looking for an opener to open up your bottle and can’t find it. When you need that small piece of metal isn’t it the hardest to find and it sort of becomes a treasure hunt for you isn’t it?

This small piece of metal can be hidden in any corner of your house and won’t be visible until the need of it is over.

So no more treasure hunt for you guys, stop ruining your special occasion in finding those opener and waste those special moments with your loved ones.

Here is a key solution to your problem. Now we have that key to your lock which can open up the gates to not having trouble with openers. 

This 12 piece set of retro style key design bottle opener will make you hassle free from all those problems and you would be able to easily relish that tasty bottle of wine without even wasting a minute finding that opener which you kept somewhere and can’t remember where you did.

Not only the key, but the tag which you get along with it could be considered as a cherry on top to write down something special if you want to. That would definitely make the day more special for the one you are gifting it to.

All you have to do is order it, hang the tag along with the key and gift it. If not gift just take it with you hand it over and let the rest be done by that tag and this amazing retro key which could also serve as the keys others persons heart. 

Again isn’t it a hectic work to get married with  all those preparations over your head for those invitation and finding perfect items to decorate?

We provide you with that solution as well, all you will be doing is writing down the name of people you want to invite on those tags hang it up the bottle with key and let them take a sip of your amazing wedding to be with a glass of wine.

This key looks so pretty that one can easily use it for different needs like hanging it with other keys as a keychain and serve it as the same. So when you go out with your friends and can’t find how to open up a bottle in your car all you would have to do is take out this key and cheers to the beautiful night.

Didn’t you just get a key solution in a form of key? Yes you just did, so why wait for it, go order it as soon as possible. All you have to do is place order and it would be delivered on your doorstep.

Occasion: Wedding,Birthday Party,Anniversary,Party,Wedding & Engagement,Valentine's Day
Material: metal alloy, Kraft paper
Key: 6.8 cm/2.78"
Paper: 9cm* 4.5cm/3.54*1.77"
wedding decoration: wedding gifts for guests
Birthday Supplies : wedding favors
Wine Bottle Opener: wedding gifts
Package included: 12 x Bottle Openers 12 x Tags




12 Pc Retro Key Wine Bottle Opener with Tags