Pepper Herbs Spice Jar Storage Bottle

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Salt & Pepper Love Birds Storage Bottle Wedding Favors Gifts for Wedding Guests

Looking for a wedding favor gift for your guest.

Porcelain made these  love birds’ salt and pepper shakers are the perfect wedding favor gifts for your guests. As your guests get your wedding an occasion to cherish. It’s your time to return the courtesy by gifting them a unique offering. The state of the art design of these  salt and pepper shakers will make your visitors remember the day of your wedding forever. They enhance the beauty of every ambience be it dining table, kitchen or drawing-room.

The duo of lovebirds is the symbol of a happy relationship, love, affection and prosperity. Displaying these lovebirds in pairs in bedroom, office, or living room, spread good positive vibes in every corner. It will bring passion and sound fortune in your guests’ life.

It works great even in everyday use. Try them with storing salt and pepper or fill them with herbs. Fit a good grip when shaken to bring salt and pepper out of the pot. They are super comfortable to clean and fill. There are no cutting edges inside these pots and have a glossy finish from inside too. Due to their lightweight and compact design, you can set them anyplace.

Features of porcelain::

Have a rich historical advantage

You might wonder but the history of porcelain is 2000 yrs old. Porcelain made crockery was popular in the royal kingdoms of China and later in Europe. The earlier use of the porcelain was to make teacups and plates.

Good for health

 Porcelain is a mix of  100 % natural mineral materials. It contains no chemical products or heavy metals. The raw materials used in the process to make porcelain are safe to health and the surroundings.

Easy to clean

Porcelain is non-stick thanks to its smooth surface, makes it simple to clean.


Porcelain mix heats up at very high temperatures (1320°C), and so it is 100% non-porous. It has a smooth and resistant surface.  So it won't absorb grease, odours or bacteria. Hence there is no change in the taste of food – the guarantee of perfect hygiene.


Smooth and resistant enamel on the porcelain is resistant to scratches and damage. Hence it lasts long.

Great item for kitchen use

Size:Bird spice jar size: 12.5 * 4 * 5.5CM

Package Included: 2PC/set *Ceramic Pepper Pot Seasoning Container




Pepper Herbs Spice Jar Storage Bottle