10 Pc. Paper Vintage Candy Sweet Box

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10PCS/Lot DIY Travel Paper Box Vintage Candy Box for Sweets  

Be it a wedding gift or a token of love for the engaged couple or even a loving gesture for the party host, this cute gift suits every occasion. This amazing 10 Piece Paper Vintage Candy Sweet Box favors all your happy moments. It is a paperboard box with a classic vintage print on it, which gives it a very aesthetic look. This print is not just very photogenic and #instagood but also brings a very royal vibe with it. The pattern is a solid color inclusive of designs and letters. This DIY box is very easy to make. It does not require any tools or equipment. It has been cut accordingly for the ease of the customer. The production steps are very clearly defined and the box is structured in such a way to include storage capacity and a handle. The storage can be used for many purposes. It can be used to gift candies, sweets or chocolates. It can be gifted alongside jewelry, precious stones, and many other items. It can be sent with invitations to add glamour to your invitations. This age of visually appealing gift items requires such a decorative box to be sent to your acquaintances, friends and family. The quality of the box is superior and is nothing less than designer branded boxes. When your loved ones will receive this box, they will experience the efforts and thought you have put in selecting such an exquisite gift item. The handle also has a tag with it. This tag can be used to address the receiver or add a beautiful quote for them. This will add a very personal touch to the gift.

Overall this 10 Piece Paper Vintage Candy Sweet Box is a very thoughtful and beautiful gift to be given. Such cute gift items have made a comeback and are trending these days. These gift items can be further used by the receiver as a decoration item. Thus it is not a one-time usage gift; it has more value to it. These gift boxes look very pretty and sensational on the shelves and the corner tables.  They are durable as well. So, one should definitely consider giving these attractive boxes either filled with chocolates or alongside invitation cards. They are a great choice and are liked by everyone. Your loved ones will be joyous to receive such an adorable gift box. 

Occasion: Party,Wedding,Wedding & Engagement
Material: Paperboard
Quantity: 10pcs/lot

10 Pc. Paper Vintage Candy Sweet Box