Owl Pendant Leather Key Chains

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Wake up!!!!

This beautiful owl pendant leather key is the symbolization of moon to which is owl somehow connected as well. It becomes a symbol of feminine and fertility.

These keychain is unique in its own way. It is a sweet little dangler to go with your keys and if it looks a bit likes a hoot then that’s because it is. Make friends with our friendly night owl who unlike other birds won’t be flitting about, but will stay put, right by your keys, keeping them company every second of every day!

The beautiful keychain is made up of leather with Swarovski embedded on it which makes it look super elegant and will add up to the beauty to whatever you attach it to. The simple key will also start to look something special and unique.

This beautiful key chain is available in so many vibrant colors that would catch your sparkling eyes and you could choose from or actually get them all. You could put a keychain of each color every were you want to put it and make you part of the house sparkle with these key chains.

The stunning leather key chain also make a perfect gift for your family, friends or colleagues who you want to make happy and give them as a token of love and appreciation to have them as a part of your life.

You could use these key chains for your cupboard, car or any other keys that you want to make look elegant. You can also put up this keychain on your bags for everyone to see around and get all jealous. They would definitely not be able to stop praising it and wanting one for themselves as well.

The keychain is shiny that will make your eyes sparkle like a new ray of hope.

We here at shaadi magic we try to create our products to utmost perfection and our craftsmen get their inspiration of doing so by you people who they want to see happy. We use best quality material so that when you use it you remember us for we made you smile with our hard work.


  • Unique
  • Perfect for giving it as a gift
  • Creates sparkling effect
  • Many vibrant colors to choose from

Owl Pendant Leather Key Chains