Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace with Hip Hop Chain

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Beautiful Gold & Silver Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace  


Maple leaf symbolizes and it is believed that it repels demons and evil spirits; therefore one can wear this amazing pendant and keep all the evil away from you. The five petal leaf is also considered as an indication of love and prosperity and therefore it is considered as a lucky charm to have it.

We here at have put in all the effort and brought you this stunning maple leaf necklace so that you can keep your luck always with you. The amazing maple leaf pendant comes on two amazing colors that are gold and silver from which you could choose on yourself according to what suits you in the best possible way.

The gorgeous pendant can be worn by you on any occasion or it be no occasion, and it would without a doubt compliment all your dresses from it being a casual white tee or your formal office wear or it being your ethnic wear for marriages and wedding occasions, it would blend with all your dresses in the most exquisite way making you look as elegant as the leaf itself.

You can also gift it to your near and dear ones to make sure they are away from demons and all devil spirit and have love and prosperity including all the luck. By giving it as a token of well wishing for them and it would definitely make them feel lucky to have you in their life and would be a happy soul.

              You can’t miss this in any case because one thing you shouldn’t do is regret later of not getting one for yourself or for gifting it because it’s never too late , order it if you have missed the chance before, because there is no need to regret when we have solutions to all your problems.

            All you have to do is order it for yourself and for gifting it to someone, and it would be delivered to your footsteps in no time. Isn’t it simple where you don’t have to worry about roaming place to place to find one perfect item, here it is no need to go out in so much chaos when you will have it just by sitting at home



Chain: 780 mm

Leaf size: 42 mm x 50 mm

Color: gold and silver

Weight: 35 g

NOTE: if you have any doubt please check the images for details.

UNB-2017-New-Gold-Silver-Plated-Cannabiss-Small-Weed-Herb-Charm-Necklace-Maple-Leaf-Pendant-Necklace (2).jpg

Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace with Hip Hop Chain