Luminous Jesus Christ Ring Stainless

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Are you looking for an everyday piece of ring to help honor your commitment and believe in God? There is nothing finer than our selection of this luminous Christian rings which will definitely make you have one for yourself and for others as well.

 Many people celebrate and show support for their religion by wearing some or the other Christ jewelry or accessory to show their faith in them. But do you not feel that those accessories have become common now, and almost everybody is wearing that same accessory so you do not wish like having one? We understand you problem and are here with a very simple solution; has come up with this cool luminous Jesus Christ stainless ring. Now you must be wondering what is different in this ring. So let me tell you that this is just not that ordinary ring that you wear, it has luminous technology in it which makes the ring glow in dark. And it is just not anything like that plain simple ring.

This beautiful ring will definitely make you look amazing and would stand out from rest of them. It will make you shine even in the darkest of places just as it would shine in the dark. It will definitely make people jealous looking at you cool accessory and they would not be able to stop complementing you for your amazing look.

You could even gift it to the person who you always want to keep under the protection on Christ and want them to be blessed by him. This act would show how much you care about the person and that would really make them feel a lot special.

We have two assortments of colors and different combinations that will make you stand out. So don’t wait for some magic to happen because shaagimagic has already created one. Bring yours as soon as possible and let the blessing of Christ shower upon you and your loved ones that will make you shine just like the ring does. It will be delivered to your doorstep in no time


  • Fine or Fashion: Fashion
  • Gender: Women/men
  • Style: Classic
  • Material: Brass + Steel
  • Package Include: 1 PC Ring



Luminous Jesus Christ Ring Stainless