Just Married Decal for Car

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This product is one time application. The decals are removable, but not reusable

 57 cm wide x 20 cm tall

How to use


1.Wall Decal-1 pc ;Transfer Film- 1 pc;Scissor -1 pc;Card -1 pc. Make sure that your display surface is clean and clear of moisture, oil or dust.

2.Stick the transfer film onto the design, avoiding creating bubbles as much as possible,then scrape it again and again with your card.

3.Carefully remove transfer film, with decal design attached, from the backing paper.Flip over and remove the remaining backing paper.

4.Carefully place design and film onto your display surface.Using your card, scrape the design firmly through the film, from the centre of the design toward the edges.Carefully remove the transfer film from the decal.

5.Done (You can cut into pieces as required.)





Just Married Decal for Car