"I love you" in 100 Languages Projection Pendant Necklace

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Rose Gold & Silver Color I love you Projection in 100 languages Pendant Necklace 


‘If you cannot say it show it'

The ShaadiMagic is introducing a beautifully crafted ornament for all of you who are looking for a creative idea to express their love in different, modern romantic yet classic way to your loved ones. This is your chance to grab the best article with multiple features.

This particular product has a three dimensional geometric pendant style structure; it also has a high quality zircon stone embellishment to compliment the design. The ornament uses out of the box technology. This pendant has beautiful nano size engraved "I love you" which is in not only one language but total of hundred different languages of the globe.

It is the ideal approach for a meaningful, memorable and special gift for your loved ones. 

It is a unique product with the multi ways style. This unique style gives the customer the liberty to wear this single product in two different forms.

It's suitable for all occasions (birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, etc), dressing type (casual, formal, semi formal, etc) and style.

The chain shown in the pictures is included with the pendant.

It is available in simple yet radiating Rose gold colour and silver colour.


Easy guide to use the product:

There are two basic methods to use this pendant.

Method one: "Use the camera"

  1. These nano size engravings can be seen by the help of your smartphone camera. 

Step one: In first step all you need to do is open your Camera software in your smartphone and keep the lens of your back camera in front of the convex surface of your pendant.

Step two: You can easily see the engraved I love you in 100 different languages on the screen of your phone.

Method two: "Use the flash light"

  1. The nano size engravings can also be seen with the help of your smartphone's flash light feature.

Step one: Switch on the flash light feature of your smartphone.

Step two: Align the face of your pendant with the flash light.

Step Three: Project the shadow of the light on either black or white background.


Unique Features:

Metal body

Light weight

Nano engraving technology

Zircon stone embellished

Dazzling surface

'I love you' engraved in hundred languages

Size convenient

Choice of metal colour ( Rose Gold/Silver )


Size details:

Length- 40cm

Pendant: Height - 1.8cm 

               Width - 1.3cm
















"I love you" in 100 Languages Projection Pendant Necklace