Flower Coins Foot Jewelry Anklet Sandals

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This price just for one piece, not one pair, if you want a pair, please order 2 pieces




Do you not get irritated just because you cannot wear your amazing footwear’s too few places where it might get ruined in a fraction of second and your entire mood gets spoiled? We here at shaadimagic.com have come up with a simple solution where you can wear up these anklet sandals and it would not even get ruined because it would not have sole under it.

When looking at the pictures of yourself at beach, or any places like churches where you cannot wear your lovely expenses and see your naked legs which do not look good in those pictures, here is a simple solution where you can wear this foot jewelry anklet sandals without a sole which just only looks like a sandal with a sole so that you can wear it and look cool and beautiful in those photos where you will see those anklet sandal instead of barefoot and not regret getting your photo  getting ruined.

         This gorgeous sandal will without a doubt embellish your feet and add a touch of that sandal you could not wear. They are the new fashion statement in town and definitely cannot be missed out on.

Along with the absolute comfort it gives it is also very light and incredibly comfortable giving a cool, funky look along with sexy look to your complete style.

       The flower coins sandal fits all the foot sizes and ankle widths. All of our sandals are easily delivered to your doorsteps without any hassle.  This sandal allows you to move your ankle freely and naturally.  When in those other ankle footwear all you can think of is when you could take out those sandals which keep hurting you and relax your leg as soon as possible and move them without any hassle.

        A sensuous take on a sexy fashion trend, this mesmerizing gladiator looking sandal lets you have a pleasure of walking barefoot in the sand, not only beach but also adds up to your beauty to an evening ensemble too.  

This beautiful piece is available in two beautiful colors that are silver and golden; you can always choose the color you want according to your dresses or the color you love.


100% brand new and high quality

Quantity: 1 pc

Gender: girl, women

Material: alloy

Weight: 25 g

Size: 22+5 cm




Jewelry care:


1.Keep Clean,Dry,


2.Avoid Chemicals,Liquid,Sweating,Friction


3.Separate Storage


Flower Coins Foot Jewelry Anklet Sandals