Mosaic Glass Candlestick

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Handmade Mosaic Glass Candlestick Wedding Decor


Candle light is a must at any and all wedding related events. Since it brings glory to darkness as same it brings glory of happiness in one’s life. The lighting of unity candle is a relatively new inclusion in wedding ceremonies , first appearing sometime in the 2nd half of the 20th century, and most commonly found in the weddings today.

Use of unity candle generally symbolizes the joining of two individuals into the marriage bond. The flame may be said to represent the passion in each individual soul for their spouse, or it may compared to the unity of begging their new life.
Here two tapers candles are initially lit and used by each member of the marrying couple, this practice is intended to symbolize simply joining together of the bride and groom. Candle light brings an ever warming glow for photography since it is mostly used in many occasions like weddings as thematic and decorative purposes. Modern world needs new methods and creative ideas for special occasional photography which were suits well for candle based themes.

For this purpose candles were made with a specialty based on the themes used for decoration and other purposes. Mosaic candles were new designed candles with colorful glasses and mosaic pieces which gives a majestic inspiring glow when lit . So nowadays these candles were used as unity candles and other occasional prospects.

“Where there is a light, there is a life”. Marriage life is something to start to glow each other all through the life. So use mosaic to make them glow each other. These candles are created in such creative colourful ways. These were used in modern world as a unity candle in wedding related functions and for other occasions like birthday party and also for festivals like diwali , christmas etc.

While lighting these new gen candles and used as décor which flounces and cherishes your lives all through the year. A candle light also symbolizes love between married couples and bond between your family members. When lighting the mosaic candles like the light dazzles, your love and happiness will dazzles and cherishes throughout your life.


Quantity: 1pcs

Material Science:Glass


Uses: home decoration, festival gifts, Photo Props, Valentine's Day gifts, candlelight dinner, candlelight

Weight:About 280g

Color: Chromatic

100% Handmade

Special description:Without candles

Package Content:

1PC Handmade Mosaic Glass Candlestick 

Mosaic Glass Candlestick