Flower Headdress Pearl Beads

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Flower crowns are a chic and cheery way to complete the perfect ensemble for a wedding, festival or any day in between! This vintage wedding look will really be a show stopper for your wedding. 

We have made you available with 5 exquisite different designs so that you have a variety to choose from and don’t have to worry about all the hustle to find it somewhere else.

We have made sure that these designs will make you go head over heels and you would definitely have eyes on having on for yourself.

The amazing floral head dress pearl beads is hand crafted by our craftsmen to utmost perfection so that you can where them with a smile and remember us for our quality products at such reasonable prices.

You can use this headdress in your wedding, baby shower party or proms where you would like to feel like a princess and wan people to notice you for your exceptional beauty. Order tone design each for your bridesmaid and make them look as elegant as you and being your bride’s maid they do deserve it.

These crowns are available in a single size and therefore it can be adjusted according to any head size and will cause no trouble while you wear it. So you have no need to worry about getting it in the wrong size. It can be worn by kids as well as by adults and be adjusted to the person who is going to wear it.

The weight of the head dress is so light that when you will wear it, you will not even feel any weight on your head which could distract you from your special occasion.

The stunning head dress is available in amazing colors from which you can choose and select according to your dress and let it blend perfectly with it.

You can wear this amazing flower crown to beaches or places where you are close to the nature that will make you feel like you are a part of it as well.

The photos that you are going to take ill also get enhanced with this amazing tiaras and will make you remember those amazing days you had in the form of memory.. the crown will make you stand out from the rest and people won’t be able to stop complementing you for your style and how gorgeous you look in it. 








Customer Reviews

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Orlo Kozey

She begged at the enthusiastic reviews and again missed. Packaging is not important, so everything is highly flattened (paper envelope and thin cellophane). The flowers crumpled capital, some dry bulls fell off. Took 2 ornaments, made of them a wreath. It turned out beautiful, gentle, but heavy. For photo sessions it will be suitable or a schoolgirl to please. Practical value for such a cost does not have, and especially on short hair. I think that i bought in vain, because it is necessary to bring to mind. With the seller did not communicate.

Lera Goyette

I like flowers more beautiful than photos like pearlescent

Richard Parisian

Delivery to sverdlovsk region 8 weeks. The thing is beautiful of course, even very, but i think that one-time, when touched, the wreath has disappeared. I considered the twig and did not understand it looks like a real dry color. And all the same i think the thing krutetskaya should be taken.

Marcos Daniel

Very beautiful! Loved the product, the price paid am delighted. Very beautiful, loved the product!

Sam Ratke

Beautiful and especially fast shipping

Flower Headdress Pearl Beads