Hair Combs Beaded Headdress

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Hair Combs Beaded Princess Wedding Bridal Bridesmaids Headdress Handmade Beading 

Beauty within your hair!!!

A hair comb with pearls and crystal to accompany its beautiful look is what you need on your special day. It is a bridal headdress which suits any type of bridal dress and has mesmerizing pearls to accompany it. You can flaunt it with any type of bridal hairstyle and show your unique attire. Hurry and buy this product for your day and dazzle everyone with your hair comb.

This fascinating head jewelry is specially handmade and crafted by our craftsmen who are dedicated and get their inspiration from our customers who willingly and actively purchase our product.

This product is a must have for the bride- to-be who should be the centre of attraction and with this item one does, not only do they become centre of attraction but also steals the show from the groom as well.

Aren’t you bored of all those boring simple pins or hair bands to keep your hair intact without making a fuss? provides you with that solution with this beautiful handmade pearl bead hair jewelry which not only keeps your hair intact but also looks elegant with your wedding veil.

The concept of beauty is naturally something we want to evoke by creating products to enhance your beauty.  Also which the pendant is shimmered in a classic necklace set with a delicate design and scintillating crystals. Jewelry adds Lavishing Look to any clothing. Any fabulous outfit is incomplete without matching jewelry so why not get a perfect one?

It features unique pearl décor that cannot be missed by people, with it being quite gorgeous and eye-catching. Wedding hair comb features an intricate and delicate floral design. This bridal headpiece features freshwater pearls, hand-wired in cascading branches. Bridal comb coordinates best with off-white and ivory wedding dresses.

It so perfectly fits in your bun like it was made taking the measure when in reality it wasn’t.

It will make you look elegant and charming, and lets you be the focus of attention amongst all.

Delicate hairpin of lace flowers adorned with scattered crystals brings a flourishing nature to your wedding hairstyle. For a dreaming and new romantic way to wear nature in the hair!

 It is perfect for gifting it to your bride, as a token of your love. The beauty of your bride would enhance wearing the love you gave her which would make you a 100% more confidence than ever before.

The perfection, prettiness, and elegance cannot be matched as we provide the best quality for you so that you won’t have to search it elsewhere taking a lot of trouble because we here at provide you with all the stuff you need for your special day.


  • Beauty with elegance
  • Perfect for bridal wear
  • Looks good with wedding veil
  • It has pearls and rhinestones accompanying it which makes it sensational.
  • It is light weight and has a one-of-a-kind look to it.
  • It can be worn with any type of bridal dress may it be satin, rayon, chiffon etc.
  • The estimated delivery is 15-25 days and it has free shipping worldwide


Material- Pearls and alloy

Fashion- Bridal Fashion.

Worldwide free Shipping (in most* countries)

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-30 days

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Hair Combs Beaded Headdress