Fluorescent Glow Bottle Particle

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Magic Fluorescent Glow in the Dark Bottle Particle

Fluorescent Glow Sand Particle

This luminous bottle particle adds the perfect glow to your house or your parties. This fluorescent glow sand has coarse particles that glow in the dark when charged under sunlight or UV rays; it radiates beautiful colour when used in the pitch-black environment. It can be used to light up your indoor or outdoor, or to create amazing crafts.  It doesn't require electricity and can be used infinite times. It is convenient to use and it is available in different colours. It is the perfect decoration for wishing bottle, waterscape, landscape, potted plant, lighting a pathway, driveway, flower bed, fish tank aquarium or garden, etc.


  • Safe to use(Non-toxic, Non-hazardous)
  • Can last up to 8-10hours
  • Can be charged in a while using sunlight or UV rays
  • Can be used infinite times
  • Available in different colours (White, Yellow and Green)
  • Can be used by any age group
  • Can be used for decoration, party, art and craft purposes
  • Produce subtle glow that makes it look beautiful



This product is non-toxic and non-hazardous which makes it more intact to use by the kids. It is an easy DIY which is simple to use by kids and adults. This is a versatile product which can be used by any age group. Children's can use this glow sand in their projects or can use it to for fun. Adults can use this sand to decorate the home, this product is classic for a neon themed party. This product lasts up to 8-10 hours so you don't have to use those dying candles at the time of blackout when you can have fun with glow in dark particle. It is a hassle-free product and can be easily charged using sunlight or UV rays or even your table lamp. It absorbs the sunlight and then emits the light when exposed in a dark environment. It is a one-time investment in this product as it can be used for infinite times. It is available in different colours and you can choose the colour according to your required needs.


Material: Ball Clay      

Net weight: approx.10g      

Colour: Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Sky Blue, Green, Yellow


How to Use 

  1. Place a funnel into the opening of a glass mason jar.
  2. Pour 1 cup of glow in the dark powder into the glass jar through the funnel.
  3. Remove the funnel from the jar, and screw on the top of the jar.
  4. Shake the mixture until the two substances are completely combined.

1 x Star Wishing Bottle Fluorescent Particles 














Fluorescent Glow Bottle Particle