50 Pc. Elephant Pattern Candy Boxes

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50pcs Hollow Out Fashion Elephant Pattern Candy Boxes - Wedding Favors & Ribbons (White)


Shaadi Magic brings to brides and event organisers everywhere an ideal accessory to make your special day shine. This item is a set of 50 pieces of fashionable and chic Elephant Pattern Candy Boxes, perfect for any joyful occasion. Add a little flair and fun to every milestone of your life with these celebratory pieces, perfect for occasions like bachelorette parties, weddings, receptions, baby showers etc. These gorgeous boxes, complete with a white ribbon bow, are ideal to store small return gifts, candies and many more memorable souvenirs.


  • The soothing white colour gives these boxes an elegant and graceful feel.
  • The iridescent paper used for making these boxes gives them a rich and classy look, perfect to keep your guests talking about your event for a long time. The tone of the material is so subtle, yet reverberating with chic vibes that every gift item placed in these boxes is going to be an indispensable memory for your guests. 
  • These favour boxes are designed to perfection using a hollow carriage pattern. These patterns add to the flair of the occasion along with giving your eyes a pleasing and calming sensation.
  • The sturdy build of the boxes is an assurance that they are not merely items to be discarded, but instead preserved in people’s memories as well as homes for a good amount of time. 
  • Exquisitely made to cater to the needs of a population whose lives are empty without celebrations, these timeless boxes are guaranteed to be etched into the hosts’ as well as the guests’ hearts for days to come.

Other Specifications:

  • The product comes as a set and is not sold as individual pieces.
  • Each set contains 50 white coloured, hollowed out elephant pattern corrugated paper pieces, with a white ribbon. The corrugations are specifically made to assist the buyer in assembling the boxes. The ribbon can be added as a decoration in any manner that the buyer deems fit.
  • The boxes are of dimensions of approximately 5 cm * 5 cm * 7.5 cm or 1.97 inches * 1.97 inches * 2.95 inches (length * breadth * height)



50 Pc. Elephant Pattern Candy Boxes