DIY Wedding Proposal LED Decor

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These beautiful lights can be used for your special night as you propose to your beloved or throw an awesome party for your friend. It compliments night light specially when kept under dark sky. It is decoration lights which are specially made to look elegant as you ask your girlfriend/boyfriend for his consent to a happily ever after. It glows dazzlingly when kept on table or hung around in a fashionable manner according to your wish. It is a must buy to make your special night more special.




  • INSTANT GLOW- These lights glow in an awesome way when you place electric connection to it. It has a unique way of glowing specially in a dark light.
  • ALPHABET STYLE- It has special alphabet style which you can arrange according to your choice and ask for your beloved’s hand with your own creative touch.
  • ELECTRIC SUPPLY: It may work very well with a specific type of electric connection as it is designed that way. And it has a life span of more than 50000 hours.



Fashion- Bridal fashion

Item type- Lights

Lights Type – LED

Style- Trendy

Occasion -Wedding

Material- Abs+ PP

Shape/Pattern- Alphabet

Color- Picture Display

Power-2XAA batteries

Pack- 1 set


A: 22.5*20*4.5cm
B: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm
C: 22.5*14.5*4.5cm
D: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm
E: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm
F: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm
G: 22.5*17.5*4.5cm
H: 22.5*21*4.5cm
I: 22.5*10.5*4.5cm
J: 22.5*15.5*4.5cm
K: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
L: 22.5*17*4.5cm
M: 22.5*23*4.5cm
N: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
O: 22.5*15.5*4.5cm
P: 22.5*19*4.5cm
Q: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
R: 22.5*20.5*4.5cm
S: 22.5*14*4.5cm
T: 22.5*20*4.5cm
U: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
V: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
W: 22.5*25*4.5cm
X: 22.5*19.5*4.5cm
Y: 22.5*18.5*4.5cm
Z: 22.5*17*4.5cm
&: 23*20*4.5cm
Heart: 16*17*3cm

Indoor use, Home, Shopwindow, Club, Party and Holiday decoration
Takes 2X AA batteries(not included)
Can hang on wall or place on someplace of flat surface!
Weight:200g approx
Power: 2XAA batteries (not included)
Material: ABS+PP
Colors of sign: As picture
Bulb: Warm white LEDs
Life span: More than 50000 hours
Installation: Wall mountable or freestanding
Package included:
1pc Plastic Led Light


SJ768 (38)SJ768 (37)SJ768z (1)SJ768z (2)SJ768 (32)SJ768 (29)SJ768 (30)SJ768 (16)SJ768z (5)SJ768z (3)SJ768 (31)

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DIY Wedding Proposal LED Decor