Delicate Sunflower Pendant Necklace

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Feel the breath of spring with this Sunflower Pendant Necklace!

Sunflower resembles the sun because of its head shape, which automatically turns its head towards the sun when it rises. Similarly the pendant is the turnaround of heads for you as people would definitely not be able to take their eyes of you. 

         This classic piece of jewelry would make you feel like new beginnings are starting to happen.

This delicate sunflower pendent is definitely the one for you, not only for yourself but, even if you want to gift it despite on any occasion being there or not, the very moment will become an occasion for her and would leave a mark in her heart.

This pendant can be worn by you on any occasion or no occasion at all with any casual dress which would make you look as elegant as ever.

         The pendant which symbolizes sunflower also symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty which you could promise her for lifetime by giving her this sunflower pendant as a token of thank you for her to come in your life and being there. The pendent would be a promise of life time that you would always be by her side no matter what.

Wouldn’t you like your girl to believe that no matter what you are always there for her and whenever she would see the pendent of sunflower she would remember you and feel your presence there and then.

        Our new sunflower design is made with highest quality zinc alloy.The variant colors used would make you forget about the current seasons and make you think about the upcoming summers.

The decorations done on it are weightless and you won’t even know you are wearing it or not.

              You can’t miss this in any case because one thing you shouldn’t do is regret later of not getting one for yourself or for gifting it because it’s never too late , order it if you have missed the chance before, because there is no need to regret when we have solutions to all your problems. 

            All you have to do is order it for yourself and for gifting it to someone, and it would be delivered to your footsteps in no time. Isn’t it simple where you don’t have to worry about roaming place to place to find one perfect item, here it is no need to go out in so much chaos when you will have it just by sitting at home.  



  1. Highly detailed sunflower pendant 
  2. High Quality Imitation Pearls 
  3. 51cm + 5cm adjustable chain 
  4. Color: Golden, Silver
  5. Length: Approx. 51+5cm / 20.1+2inch
  6. Pendant Size: Approx. 2.5cm / 1inch
  7. Weight: Approx. 8g / 0.3oz
  8. Handcrafted.










Customer Reviews

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Edd Bergnaum

A good set, just like in the photo, but there is one minus-the suspension is covered with some white dust, so 4 stars. Delivery is long, the period of protection has expired, but it's rather the fault of our post of russia

Ethan Fay

Very beautiful people, buy KK

Miguel Weber

This one came in plastic & in a fashion jewelry card

Cristina Borer

cute necklace

Gaylord Jenkins

Cute set, came carded

Delicate Sunflower Pendant Necklace