Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

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Crystal heart pendant necklace:


            You are definitely going to get smitten with the mesmerizing crystal heart pendant that captures the romantic beauty of flawless diamonds.

The great antique ornament which can without a doubt be worn on nights outs or whenever you feel like wearing it!  It can be said that it is a true fashion statement piece that will surely leave an impression on others.

             The crystal heart is carefully crafted by the craftsmen to create a magic in your wedding or to create a magical evening for the person you are going to gift it to, and for any occasion you like it.

The pendant is also suitable to gift it to your bride to be because without a doubt it makes an amazing bridal jewelry. It is very easy to mix match it with everything and anything which makes it a perfect gift too.

              Jewelry with a message has become a major trend in this season, therefore you can’t just choose just anything to wear with your outfits, and we Shaadi Magic here provide you with the best solutions where you can find the perfect go to jewelry for your style, with just not it, this all new shiny crystal pendant choker  without any doubt will add a subtle touch of spark and a glimmering addition to your work or leisure outfits with this modern pendant which not only suits western but blends with all Indian outfits as well.

              This pendant necklace is definitely the go to jewel for an engagement present as these are the moments we cherish to, with this precious stone which could in the best possible way help you impress a certain special someone.

This is without doubt jewelry with the lovely adornment you would like to wear for your everyday style.

Get yours now for that everyday elegant look you have always wanted.

              The pendant comes on a role chain and that the flawless crystal heart pendant necklace is available in two colors that are silver and golden.

The weight of the product is so less you would not feel it all all unless everybody makes you realize about it.


  • Precision-cut heart crystal
  • High quality availability
  • 32cm+ 9cm adjustable chain
  • Gift for engagements, bride, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Type: pendant necklace

Pendant size: 1cm

Material: alloy+ crystal

Weight: 3.4g

Size of chain: adjustable

Colors: gold and silver



Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace