Gemstone Scale Light Necklace

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55 cm Aurora Pendant Necklace Halo Crystal Gemstone s 925 Silver Scale Light Necklace for Women Elegant Jewelry 


          Now you can wear this dazzling beauty of the northern lights with shaadmagic’s gemstone scale pendant necklace, a very fine jewelry design available by us for you to have it without any hassle and provide best quality service to you with best quality products.

          Blazing in the brilliant streaks of color that dance across a dark sky, the breathtaking pendant is a nature wonder to behold, in these waving prisms magnificence of the stratosphere. The mesmerizing blue color will definitely steel your heart and would make you buy it.

         When you will step out wearing this pendant, you will feel confident and people would notice it from a distance and first thing they would say, would be how beautiful you look in the amazing gemstone scale light pendant. 

         The gemstone scale light pendant is handcrafted from solid sterling, turning the crystal in the sun will show different halos, representing the colorful aurora above the trees.

          Utterly wearable, this open pendant is crafted and polished sterling silver. A single vibrant, opal gemstone is framed by classic rope details creating an iconic colorful pendant.

          While perfect for any occasion or no occasion. The pendant is so simple and elegant that it would blend with literally any of your outfits. It is made elegant in its very way which you could wear with a plain white tee to a dress for your night parties to your wedding. This would go with any dress for any occasion.

          This will please your eyes so much that if you are thinking of buying it for someone else you would end up buying it for yourself as well.  It is a infinite gift of beauty which will symbolize expression of love and romance. It will help you celebrate the special moments in life.

              You can’t miss this in any case because one thing you shouldn’t do is regret later of not getting one for yourself or for gifting it because it’s never too late , order it if you have missed the chance before, because there is no need to regret when we have solutions to all your problems.

            All you have to do is order it for yourself and for gifting it to someone, and it would be delivered to your footsteps in no time. Isn’t it simple where you don’t have to worry about roaming place to place to find one perfect item, here it is no need to go out in so much chaos when you will have it just by sitting at home


  • Material: silver



Gemstone Scale Light Necklace