Bohemian Alloy Spiral Round Statement Earrings

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            Go out and make a fashion statement with this bohemian alloy spiral round statement earrings with full confidence. Bohemian earrings are one thing that never goes out of fashion and is always in trend and creates a style statement with everything and anything you style it with. These stunning hoop earrings are a must have for all the women out there

              This glamorous spiral round hoops are exactly what you need to add the finishing touch to your everyday look. They are so light weighted that you would not feel it at all. The metal hoop falls down just a little up from your shoulder and drops beautifully down there making you look pretty and elegant with being all confident in front of people.

               The earrings is build to last which is made with high the finest quality materials that nothing makes the perfect gift for you, your girlfriend, your friends than this beautiful fashion bohemian earrings. This elegant earring is the perfect gift for special women in your life on any occasion.

         The earring is available in three amazing colors that are gold, silver and black which are all ones which with perfectly compliment your style and outfits in the best possible way, be it casual or party wear it will suit all the same that will make you look super stunning and elegant. And can be worn on mostly all occasions or their being no occasion.

        The earrings are a perfect gift for your near and dear ones who want accessories that are always in trend and look amazing, than this is definitely the one you would like to present it to them. It will definitely make the person so happy that they would get head over heels with these as well as they would not stop thanking you for bringing them theses amazing pieces.

      The spirals in the ring will make you get hypnotized with its beauty and you definitely would not be able to stop yourself from buying it.

        The earrings are so in trend that you definitely cannot miss out on this one so go order yours now as soon as possible before it is too late and make your people jealous of your cool style statement and it will be delivered to your doorsteps.


Material: alloy


Earring height: 9 cm

Width: 5 cm

Weight: 12 g

Colors: old, silver, black

Package: 1pc/ 1 opp bag





Bohemian Alloy Spiral Round Statement Earrings