Blue Cubic Zirconia Black Rings

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Encounter Design Rings
Between you and me
It may take only a moment to reach out
It takes many years to hold hands
If there is no fate
How can you meet in this life?
I walked through the spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Strolling in the vast expanse of the Milky Way
Looking for the embellishment in life

    The ring is made of s925 sterling silver, the surface is black-plated, the star of the small ring is zircon, and the other blue stars are made of oil.

    Designed with the universe as the main element, black-plated symbolizes the dark space of the universe. Each ring has a main star, just like the Cowherd and Vega in the Tanabata, and the tiny stars embellish, symbolizing that many people are met in life. After that, I can meet the right person.

    Meet from the flashing moments of the stars, and cherish in the eternal years of the Galaxy







    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Wilfrid Reichel

    Wow bbbb

    Meghan Lockman

    Very beautiful neat ring with bright blue pebbles. Looks refined and its money is worth it. It came in a cool package and as a gift corduroy cloth) it came in 3 weeks.

    Delta Stanton

    The ring is beautiful! Thank you ❤️

    Ruth Wintheiser

    Shipping without 4 days month. The rings are gorgeous! Small is perfect for me. Big bought for her husband. The rings are well packed. Includes 2 napkins. Also the seller put as a gift a hairpin that got to her daughter. Chic rings for gift! I recommend the seller, because he has many interesting goods with meaning. I will order more! Thank you!

    Laverna Hilpert

    Came very quickly, ordered both, in size small about 16 size, you can pull to 15, large about 17-18 size. Sparkle very beautiful, pebbles inserted well, the rest of the resin. It's worth a test. As a gift came two cotton napkins and a hairpin made of pearls

    Blue Cubic Zirconia Black Rings