3 Pc. Aroma Heart Rose Soap Souvenirs

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3pcs Heart-Shaped Artificial Rose Soap Flower Bath Body Soap Romantic S

3Pcs/Box Aroma Heart Rose Soap Souvenirs 

Filled with aroma, the rose shaped soap cleans, tones and nourishes the skin and leaves behind it’s beautiful fragnance.

Our delightful product is a combination of best paper fancy soap and an attractive aroma of blossoms with a size of 7.5*6.5*9 making it perfect for placement in a bathroom. Irrespective of it’s qualities ,the charming soap also is well shaped into a rose making your bathroom more pleasant and welcoming. Easily accessible and good quality makes it worth considering for! The heart melting soap with it’s sweet smell is available in more than 3 colours ( rose red, baby pink,sky blue..) which adds flavor to a boring bathroom. For all pleasure seekers, this is not really to miss!

Pleasing in it’s use and inviting in it’s smell; the aroma heart rose soap can also make best choices as gifts for closed ones. With it’s rose shaped soaps in a beautiful heart shaped cover wrapped with a colourful ribbon wrapped around makes it totally worth gifting. Enhance your relationships and take your social life ahead by gifting this beautiful and usable product to your loved ones today! Let the aroma of your gift endure with them which will always remind them of your love and comfort.

The soap with soul soothing smell makes bathing feel luxurious and stress free . In the era of restlessness and anxiety , under the aroma of the soap ,one tends to forget all it’s trouble gifting peace to one’s mind and heart and  also leads to start of a carefree day. Followed by, it do not lose it’s tendency to heal irrespective of anything. With it’s slightest touch ,it brings skin to life and repairs the broken spirits. A perfect solution to a dying day and a delightful start to mornings; bathing under blossomed flowers leading to a sense of relaxation. Grab it today!

Tips: Please note all the size weight and color may have a little deviation by manual measurement and display screen.

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1 box 3pcs soap flower




Customer Reviews

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Marina Herman

packing was not good.Receive good damage and refunded the money.

Ahmad Collins

Total squashed this you can no longer road. Jammer

Vanessa Nitzsche

Respect the seller. Sent quickly, packed well. I didn't talk. All whole, the price is excellent. Ordered 30 pcs.

Lizzie Rosenbaum

Cool soap for the bathroom. Flowers "bloom" in the water, a little coloring water. Very nice floral fragrance, packed as in the picture.

Bella Hand

Atvyko nepažeisti. Ačiū labai ok

3 Pc. Aroma Heart Rose Soap Souvenirs