Colorful Beads Anklet Bracelets

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1 PC Summer Bohemian Anklet Bracelet, Ideal for Beach Wedding 

Note: Price is for 1 pc, if you need pair order 2 pc

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Well,there's the heat and ice cold popsicles but most importantly colourful and sprightly summer fashion. Colour forms an integral part of summer and what better than to spice up your wardrobe with this piece of chic foot jewellery that is so reminiscent of Coachella fashion. Getting splashes of colour in your clothes is generic and easy to do but this item of jewellery that is adorned with eye-catching and stylishly made stones and beads gives your feet the attention they deserve. Wear it with open toed shoes or with plain sandals, it doesn't matter, your feet and especially you are bound to become the talk of the town. For the first time, you wouldn't look plain while wearing plain shoes if you wear this ankle bracelet.

It’s time to give your feet some of the attention that your hands get. Adorn your feet with this vibrantly styled bead ankle bracelet and just watch how your feet undergo a beautiful transformation.

This is the modern world and though we don't have fairy tales but who’s to say that you won't feel like Princess Jasmine when you wear this jewellery. Remember how much you wanted to try Cinderella's glass slippers but couldn't because of the absence of your fairy godmother. Well,now ShaadiMagic is your fairy godmother and this bracelet your new world equivalent of a glass slipper. And unlike those glass slippers there's no risk of breaking them because when
you decide to buy it you're entering the world of fashion and comfort. Beauty is pain? You will surely want to challenge this saying when you buy and wear this dashing bracelet. Buy it for its dashing look and get coziness as an added benefit.

Curated to give you your definitive look for summer you can pair it with vivid and glamorous outfits apt for weddings as well as other traditional ceremonies. But if you're not one for sarees then not to worry since this bracelet also boasts a casual chic look. Wear it with a simple ensemble of jeans and kurti or you can go for the Bohemian look by wearing it with a patterned skirt and a simple tee. The style of this jewellery makes it capable of being worn with an ample combination of clothing.

So what are you waiting for? Pamper your feet with a pedicure and gift yourself this piece of art.









Colorful Beads Anklet Bracelets