12 Pc. "Love In Heart" Favor Bags

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12Pcs/Lot 10X14cm  "Love In Heart" Burlap Wedding Favor Bags

We present to you burlap linen multipurpose bags. They are available in different colours. It can easily be used for different purposes. You can use it to gift several things like jewellery, candies and what not to your loved ones on any occasion. It spares you from the dilemma of packing your gift properly as it is a great alternative for wrapping papers. Wrapping paper is messy and does not provide a good look to the gift. This trendy gift bag will make your gift stand out on every special occasion like wedding favour, birthday, children's day and a lot many. Make a statement while giving a gift and be remembered for something different. This multipurpose gift bag is not just trendy, cute and stylish it is also sturdy and eco-friendly. The material used to make this bag is 'Burlap Linen' which is extremely sturdy and does wear off easily. This material is very eco-friendly and does not harm the environment in any way. This bag not only helps you make a style statement but also makes your gift environment-friendly. The handle of this bag is made up of jute. Jute is another eco-friendly material and also adds to the style quotient of this gift bag. This jute handle makes this multipurpose gift bag extremely easy to handle and very trendy. This multipurpose gift bag can be an add on gift to your loved one with the gift you have hidden in it from them because this is not a one-time-use bag like the other gift bags. It can be reused if needed and act as a great reminder of you for your loved one. Be the considerate friend and family member by trying a little extra and not just wrapping the gift by an old wrapping paper. Rather use this stylish and trendy multipurpose gift bag to hide the actual gift and make it a real surprise for your beloved friend or family member. This bag is available in 12 different styles, where the background colour of the bag is white but the colour of the heart present on the bag is different. The different colours are blue, red, brown, black and pink. Some of the styles also have the option of the jute handle being arranged in a bow like a ribbon. Make a smart choice and choose this multipurpose gift bag to make your friends and family feel special.


Material: Burlap Linen
Party Item Type: Gift bag
Using: Wedding favor,Children's Day, Baby Shower
Used To: Candy,Gift,Jewelry Packing bag
Handle: Jute string
Gift Bag Color: White
Decorative Heart Color: Brown



12 Pc. "Love In Heart" Favor Bags