Photo Booth Props DIY Black Chalkboard

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10 Pcs Photo Booth Props DIY Black Chalkboard Bachelorette Party 


This pack of 10 fun do-it-yourself photo booth props are the perfect tool to add a spark and brighten up any occasion. Be it a birthday party or a wedding, they are sure to grab some eyeballs with their rich dark black and beige colours which come with their own shine to provide a great background for any design or text.

Made from high quality durable paperboard, they will retain their shape and sheen even after the wildest of celebrations. They are available in a variety of interesting shapes, such as oval, square, chathead and ridged, which are sure to catch your attention. The props also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 inches to 6.5 inches in breadth, and from 7 inches to 8.5 inches in length, designed to fit both children and adult faces.

The pack comes with an easy to assemble kit, consisting of high quality wooden sticks and glue, along with safe to use and apply glue tool, for quick and hassle free prop building. They are sure to add some gloss to any event, and bring friends and family closer for pictures together, which would, under normal circumstances be a dull and boring task. But not so with these DIY photo booth props, which will definitely be the source of some laughs and jokes, making the whole time together memorable and impressionable, especially with the interesting and vibrant pictures you will be going home with, to be cherished for years to come.

Be it a “Happy Birthday”, or a “Just Married”, whatever be the design, our props are sure to make your special event feel that bit more special. While it requires zero effort on your part, the bright and vibrant effect they have is bound to make the event a hit, at the same time creating an atmosphere of fun, laughter and frolic. Children can be creative and draw their hearts out on these props, enjoying and thinking together. At the same time, adults can also write their own messages for their near and dear ones, thus creating a feeling of closeness and love all around. These cute but sturdy props are your best bet of brightening up any occasion, and adding that extra sheen to provide great fun and an exciting experience, with both family and friends.


Please allow a little differences due to manual measurement.








Customer Reviews

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Eric Ryan

Come quickly, everything is fine!

Amara Waelchi

It´s just a normal black paper, quite smaller than expected, ordered on 23 November 2018, received in 12 March 2019

Juwan Nolan

A little less than in the photo. sticks and chalk in the kit. it's not chalk dostles, but ordinary black paper, two inscriptions and it will deteriorate. you can make it yourself

Charley Simonis

2weeks to, spain

Ashly Greenholt


Photo Booth Props DIY Black Chalkboard