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Wedding Shopping Affiliate Program

ShaadiMagic's WedShop invites  you to be our Marketing/Advertising partner & earn upto 15% of the Sales and a chance to get Special Coupon Code for your followers.  Weddings across the globe are big affair and to-be weds spend alot on Wedding Favors, Wedding Decor, Jewelry, Wedding Dresses, Accessories, Honeymoon etc. On an average a couple in United States spends around $34000 on their wedding. Just figure out how much you can earn by referring us to brides & bridegrooms. And ofcourse, we have non-wedding products as well, so feel free to refer to other friends as well. 

We are confident, it would be a cake walk for you to earn $500 plus per month just be referring us on social media  ( Tip: Post a link on your social media bio so that you earn money even from Stalkers ;) ) 

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Choose from over a thousand products to advertise to your customers. Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer or blogger, we have simple links to meet needs and help you monetize your webpage and social network. 

You can create posts in which you review, feature, and/or promote our products.

You will then direct your followers to use the affiliate link or code ( Use Bitly or a url shortner and post it on your instagram bio, stories, facebook posts, blog, emails, reditt, twitter, youtube etc) . And for every conversion resulting from your link or code withing 30 days ( we have 30 days cookies), you will earn a commission. 


Earn Dollars
Get up to 15% in advertising fees. Earn advertising fees from all Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised. The default program starts at 7% and your percentage will increase to 15% as soon as you start performing. 

Here is a list of General Information about our affiliate program:

1. We use a 30 day cookies on our site to track your referral. That means anybody who would be coming from your referral link on ShaadiMagic and made a purchase within next 30 days, you would get a commission for that sale.

2. Your affiliate Link is at your Dashboard Page, anybody coming to our site and will make a purchase, you will be entitled for your commission. The Link would be something like this  which will redirect your referral to the homepage. 

3. In case, you want to promote some special product or collection as per your target audience. Include the code after and place it after the url of the particular page. For eg. if you want to promote Bachelorette collection , use link  to promote it. 

TIP: Use Url shortners like Bitly at your social media profiles and other places to derive traffic.  

4. To use banner on your blog. You can use these images , , 


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