MR & MRS Wooden Letters Rhinestone

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This romantic wedding décor embellished with silver sparkles are a perfect garnish to décor your new house. The wooden carvings made with delicate care can be placed anywhere from being hung on the door or wall to being placed on the coffee table. With the three most passionate words “Mr & Mrs”, it is a perfect gift for a couple to express their love. The freestanding design adds to the picturesque environment of a home. Painted smoothly with a white coat and evenly placed silver sparkles, this romantic gift is your obvious go-to option especially if you are under a budget. It is extremely light weight and can be carried anywhere on the go. It also does fit in a small hand bag in case you wish to move it.

The different words “Mr”, “Mrs”, and “&” are flexible and can be arranged as you wish it to be. The attachable-detachable pieces are big enough to never get lost and the screws required to bond the words can be adjusted on and off easily. The décor can also be cleaned with water or any cleaning spray weekly to keep it clean and sparkly. The wooden memento is also designed in such a way that it is free from breakage or rust.  It is advisable that you do not let under 5 aged children put it in their mouth as the paints are generally toxic.

The measurements are provided below for a better understanding

The length: MR: 18cm; &: 7.7cm; MRS: 22cm.

The height: All are 9cm high.

Weight: 120 gms.

Color: White

Material: Wood, rhinestone.

Including MR, & and MRS.

Ideal for wedding decorations, wedding gift and table top decoration.





MR & MRS Wooden Letters Rhinestone